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Shit Ray Narvaez Jr. Says

i have the cutest followers i just wanna kiss all of you ok



Inspirational pokemon photos.

no dream is too bird carrying a leek


Behind the scenes: AH RTX 2014 panel intro.


Behind the scenes: AH RTX 2014 panel intro.


Me: omg babe keep it down you’re gonna wake my parents!

Computer: *huummmmmmmmmmmmmm*



We’ve added a new main character and fixed the audition scripts so navigation is easier! We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Saeko


thank you baby

Single or not, reblog to see what you get.


<3 = I’m falling for you.

:) = I wanna cuddle up with you while watching movie.

;) = I like you a lot.

:( = You should talk to me more.

:D = You’re sexy/beautiful.

;O = I want to be best friends.

:P = I want you more than anything.

:K = Kiss me.

:| = You annoy me.

* = We need to make out!

<*3 = I want a relationship with you.

8D = I want to do sexual things with you.

You're everybody's Senpai now. I pray for you.

i h ave too many kouhai’s now

what the fuck do i do
do i like start an army of adorable kouhai’s and destroy the senpai empire